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Arrive Early

Arrive at Carnival early

Meeting up with friends at Carnival sounds a fab idea… until you try it in streets packed with thousands of partying people. The roads in the area will be closed and the rhythmic, swirling parade distracts everybody’s attention. The trick is to meet up early and travel to Carnival together or get to Carnival early and meet before the crowds arrive.

Getting to Carnival early does have its advantages: you can avoid the huge tide of people making their way to Notting Hill; you can scout out the food stalls for your particular favourites; find the best spots on the procession route for photos; get a place close to the front of your favourite sound stage; bag a sought-after place near the judging stand and of course you can buy those essential Carnival accessories, hats, whistles, flags and tee-shirts.

See the best in the parade at the judging point.

It is likely that the best entrants in the procession will be on the route first. Carnival starts at 10.00am on both Sunday and Monday. You’ll want to arrive early to see the judging take place. Everybody has their favourites and there’s always an enthusiastic debate on who has performed best. Arriving early means you won’t miss out on the judging and, of course, you’ll see the winners perform.