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Carnival clean up

Rubbish will be cleared each night from the main Carnival area, although the timings will be dictated by the police. Main roads and areas around transport hubs also take priority. The barriers and signs will be removed by the police.

Free cleaning service

The councils provide a free cleaning service for residents within the Carnival footprint, whose front gardens/basements have been affected during Carnival. Please be aware of the following:

  1. You must register your details for the front garden/basement clean.
  2. You are not eligible if trading has taken place in your front garden/ basement*.
  3. You are not eligible if a party/gathering has taken place on your property*.
  4. This service is to clear Carnival rubbish only and is not a deep clean.
  5. If your basement has drainage, it is your responsibility to ensure it is functioning and not blocked.
  6. Addresses are visited on a schedule based on demand within a location. This means we cannot guarantee a date/time for cleaning.

For residents in the Royal Borough, if 2 and 3 apply, or if you are requesting a deep clean of a basement that does not contain Carnival related debris, a fee is payable as follows:  £25 per basement for a basic sweep and litter clearance, and £70 with a pressure wash. Royal Borough residents can register to have their front garden/ basements cleaned from now until Friday, 8 September.

*Officers will be checking addresses during Carnival and recording details of any such activity.