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CARNIVAL through the decades: 1960s

The roots of the Notting Hill Carnival took shape in the mid-1960s.

The carnival was a celebration of freedom which was expressed through song, dance and flamboyant costumes. This tradition continued as each year people took to the streets and as large numbers of West Indian population travelled to the UK in the 1950s, this spectacular event established itself in London.

The first carnival in London took place in 1959 and was held in a town hall in St. Pancras and the tradition of staging the carnival in town halls continued until it moved to Notting Hill in 1964. The event generally grew in stature as word about the Notting Hill Carnival spread and more London residents of all cultural backgrounds joined the celebrations.  Among the early bands to participate were Ebony Steelband and Metronomes Steelband.




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