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Metropolitan Police Service

Met Police Service - Carnivalpix Alamy

Yes, you will see London’s finest on the streets throughout Carnival weekend. Metropolitan Police officers work incredibly hard behind the scenes, sacrificing time off, so everybody else can relax and enjoy a carefree Carnival. And they spend months planning and making preparations for a safe Carnival. This year, with heightened security at events throughout the UK, they have a particularly challenging job to do protecting everybody. At Carnival they deserve everybody’s respect, so please do help them and let’s all keep everybody safe:

  • If you are worried about something you’ve seen – trust your instincts, don’t hesitate, tell a police officer straight away.
  • Please don’t bring bags to Carnival. Know that if you do, you’re likely to be asked to open them for searching by the police.
  • Leave valuables at home and keep phones, wallets and purses out of sight of pickpockets.

Travel light, bring happiness and goodwill

Leave your cares at home and travel light. You don’t need much for a memorable weekend at Carnival. A happy smile and goodwill to everybody is infectious and you’ll soon find yourself making new friends.

As always, there is no place for crime at Carnival.