Information for News Media

Journalists, photographers and newsgatherers are welcome, and encouraged to attend, report on and enjoy Carnival.

This year, Carnival’s new event management is introducing a revised media policy. There is no requirement for pre-accreditation.

A media centre, situated within Carnival, will be open for all journalists, photographers and newsgatherers carrying their UKPCA issued Press Card. These cards incorporate photo ID, are non-transferable and will need to be shown to gain access. Overseas journalists attending Carnival should contact the Foreign Press Association in London which can assist with the issuing of cards to accredited professional journalists.

It is hoped that cordoned-off media-only vantage points will be situated at various locations on the route to make it easier to set up equipment and obtain coverage. These will be accessible to those displaying their UKPCA Press Card. The locations will be made known to media as soon as possible.

As usual, would media organisations please liaise in advance with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the MPS for the necessary permissions for masts, satellite uplink trucks, OB units, radio cars, aerial-camera-platforms and fixed position scaffold-towers.

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