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Carnival is world famous for its static sound systems. There are over 30 sound systems and all have dedicated followers. The sheer number, and variety, of sound systems is part of the unique character of Carnival and is what many people travel to Carnival to experience.

Local people do enjoy sound systems in their streets, but these are residential streets and not unreasonably, noise levels need to be monitored by Council officers. If levels are too loud, exceeding pre-agreed limits, the sound system operator will be required to adjust the volume. In 2017, for the first time, the Carnival organisers, LNHCET, will monitor the noise from floats (mobile sound systems), warning any float immediately if it breaches the agreed level. If warnings are ignored, LNHCET may take action and prevent the float’s participation the following day or in 2018. If you feel the noise from a sound system is too loud, please call the appropriate council.

Close down

All static sound systems are scheduled to close down by 7.00pm. All music on the route is scheduled to cease by no later than 8.30pm.