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Street trading in Kensington and Chelsea

Full details of authorised sites in the Royal Borough are available from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Special Event Office on 020 7341 5762 before Carnival. If you have any problems during Carnival call 020 7361 3002.

Street trading in the City of Westminster

Full details of sites in Westminster are available from Westminster City Council’s Licensing Service on 020 7641 1095. The councils will take action to make sure licensed stallholders stop trading at the time specified on their licence, 7pm in Westminster and 8pm in Kensington and Chelsea, and do not continue trading late into the night.

Unlicensed trading

We share residents’ concerns about the problems caused by unlicensed trading and sound systems on private land. For some years the councils and police have adopted a firm policy to combat unlicensed street traders during Carnival and every year there are many prosecutions for illegal trading. We want to tackle the problems caused for the majority of residents by a minority who use their gardens to trade to the public during Carnival weekend. It is unlawful to carry out any unauthorised licensable activity (or knowingly allow such an activity to be carried out).

Unlawful licensable activities conducted with a view to profit include:

  • Selling alcohol.
  • Performing live music.
  • Playing recorded music.
  • Performing dance.

If you allow such activities to take place on your premises you are committing an offence.