Tastes of Carnival

Enjoy the tastes of Caribbean Carnival.

The Carnival experience just isn’t complete without sampling sizzling, spicy jerk chicken or pork. Curry goat is arguably king of the Carnival culinary scene. Everybody has their favourites and there are lots of special recipes from different islands in the Caribbean. Here is a sample from the wide range of delicious street food freshly cooked and served at Notting Hill Carnival.


Callaloo is a green, leafy vegetable, often referred to simply as ‘greens’. Usually served with Caribbean dumplings and fried plantains it is a meal in...
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Rice and Peas

Rice and peas is a Caribbean staple and traditionally always served on Sundays. The peas are actually beans, usually black beans or kidney beans and...
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Jerk Chicken

Spicy, crispy, barbecued chicken is native to Jamaica where originally it was cooked over fires fuelled with allspice wood. Pork and goat are also jerked...
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This is quintessential Caribbean fast food. A flatbread made with wheat flour and no leavening, in Jamaica a roti is typically filled with curry goat,...
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